Handheld Moisture Meter - PTM 2020

Presto Moisture Meter PTM-2020 is the latest high sensitivity hand held moisture meter developed specially for the packaging industry. The portable moisture meter is used for measuring the moisture content of paper, corrugated sheets, cardboard stocks, kraft paper, paper tubes & paper bales,quickly and effectively.


Benefits of Handheld Moisture Meter

Moisture plays an important role in the paper & packaging industry. Monitoring moisture is a unique challenge which supervisors, lab incharges & quality teams face. Product quality often gets severely affected due to unprecedented moisture especially in environments where unpredictable weather comes into play.

At times production & delivery points face rejections due to improper measurement & monitoring of Moisture.

Moisture is considered to be a critical factor that affects the quality of the product. To test the moisture absorbed by paper or other related products, you can easily make use of the Presto Handheld Moisture Meter - PTM 2020. This is one of the amazing lab testing instruments designed by the experts at Presto that will provide you with a highly accurate value of the moisture content.

This digital model of Presto handheld moisture meter has been made with an easy operational design and comes with the microprocessor-based circuitry that has been equipped in the meter. It comes with electrical resistance-based technology that has been installed for providing accurate moisture measurement.  Presto is a leading moisture meter manufacturer in India and provides this testing instrument equipped with an advanced set of features.

This quality lab testing instrument will test the moisture content so accurately and quickly. Thus, you can easily make use of this testing machine to analyze the moisture content in the product. The in-built calibration facility has also been provided in this testing instrument that helps the users to get accurate testing results. The data will be stored efficiently and can store with a max of 300 readings. If you are working in paper and its related industry, then you can easily use this testing instrument to test the moisture content present in your packaging products.


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