Hot Air Ovens with Digital Temperature Controller

Hot Air Ovens with Digital Temperature Controller

Presto Hot Air Ovens with Digital Temperature Controller are used to measure the effect of elevated temperatures on various types of materials like yarn, textile, plastics, rubber, paper, etc. Hence, it is mandatory to test the effect of ageing, heat resistance and heat deformation on the products that are manufactured in paper industry, rubber industry, and textile & yarn industry.


Presto’s Hot Air Oven is a highly reliable and time testing device. The exterior portion of the instrument is painted with the blue and autumn gray paint and also plated with intense zinc that makes the instrument corrosion free.

Presto’s Hot Air Ovens with Digital Temperature Controller comprises of the double walled chamber where the inside wall is manufactured with the heavy S.S. material, and outside wall is designed with the M.S. material. The Glass wool in filled inside the two walls which ensures that the chamber is well insulated. The temperature range of the instrument can be set anywhere between ambient to 300-degree celsius with the temperature regulation of +1°C. The device is also provided with the temperature controller cum indicator that helps to set the temperature of the instrument easily and accurately. The T/P action of the instrument ensures that the level of temperature does not exceed the designated level.

The device is provided with the heaters in the ribs at the bottom of the oven cabinet. The device is designed with the air circulation fan and a hot air blower that ensures even distribution of temperature throughout the chamber. A separate control panel is also provided on the right side of the instrument that helps to set the temperature accurately for better visual monitoring. The oven is provided with stainless steel trays for appropriate placement of samples.

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