Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Baddi

Hot wire bottle cutting machine is popularly utilized in the PET bottle industry. It helps in slicing up the bottle into three distinct sections so that the sections can be weighed separately for section weight assessment. It is suitable for a huge range of bottles having different shapes and sizes. Now you can have Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and in other major cities of India.


Hot wire bottle cutting machine is a unique equipment which is used for cutting PET bottle section wise. The bottle sections are further used in quality control test like section weight analysis of PET bottle. In this test method, the three sections of the bottle, which is top, middle and bottom section are precisely sliced and weighed separately. It is said that the separate weight of the product must be as per the industry requirement and if they are not, then there must be a quality flaw and the product can be straight away rejected. Therefore, the machine used for cutting of bottles must allow precise slicing. Hot wire bottle cutting machine is equipped with high grade of Kanthal wire for slicing which assures that the area of sections which are sliced will be precise. Interested clients can place purchase Hot Wire Bottle Cutter from Baddi and other vital industrial towns of India.

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