Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Bangalore

Bottle cutting machine is highly standardized equipment which is used for slicing up PET bottle or containers, for section weight analysis. The machine uses high-grade Kanthal wire for cutting the bottles with high precision. You can now get Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Bangalore, Karnataka and all over India with high technical support.


The PET bottle section weight assessment is an important quality test which determines the weight of a distinct section of PET bottle separately. For this assessment to be done it is vital that the sections are cut with high precision and no uneven edge must be there. The disturbed cutting of specimen may interfere with the weight measurement and lead to error in test results. Hot wire bottle cutting machine is designed by Presto Group and is renowned for its high precision performance. It is equipped with variable voltage potentiometer which controls the voltage running while test process. A digital display screen is there which display the heating temperature of the cutting wire. Specially designed bottle neck holder for clamping the PET bottle specimen strongly so that the slicing process can be firm. The Kanthal wire is rapidly heated and at once ready for the slicing procedure. Access the Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Bangalore and get ideal testing solutions.

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