Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Haridwar

Kanthal Wire Bottle Cutter is a precision-based cutting machine used for slicing PET bottles for their section weight assessment. It is equipped with higher quality Kanthal wires considered sharpest for cutting bottles. Now have Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Haridwar, Uttarakhand conducting quality control in Bottles.


The PET bottles undergo various quality test procedures and one of them is the section weight assessment. In this, the PET plastic bottle is sliced up into three sections, top, middles and bottom. These sections are weighed differently and checked if they match the criteria of the industry. For performing this test it is very important that the cut pieces of bottles are sharply sliced without having any uneven edges left. For the same, Presto designed a Kanthal wire bottle cutter. The machine is equipped with Kanthal wires, which are heated till red and then used for slicing procedure, a Volta meter is there to control the electricity runs through the wires. There are specially designed clamps which can be easily adjusted to hold a wide range of Bottles. The hold is tight enough so that the specimen must not move while getting sliced or else the may interfere with the quality of cutting procedure. Now you can get Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Haridwar for cutting the PET bottles.

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