Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Pune

Bottle cutting machine is a latest and advanced equipment which is utilized for cutting PET plastic bottle or containers, for further use in section weight assessment method. The device makes use of high-quality Kanthal wire for slicing the Polymer based bottles implementing higher precision. You can now purchase Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Pune, Maharashtra and across the nation and at the global level.


The section weight processing of Plastic bottle is a vital quality inspection step which helps in estimating the weight of separate sections of the bottle. For this inspection method to be accurate, it is important that the sliced parts are precisely cut and left zero uneven edges. The unequal slicing of the bottle parts may lead to error full weight measurement. Hot wire bottle cutting machine is constructed by Presto Group and is known for its highly accurate testing performance. It is fitted with a variable voltage potentiometer for controlling the voltage during the test process. A digitalized display screen which records and show the heating temperature of the Kanthal wire which is used for cutting. It has a uniquely constructed bottle neck holder for the tight holding of the PET container so that the cutting process does not interfere. The Kanthal wire has a faster heating rate and at once ready for the cutting process. Purchase the Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Pune and experience the ideal testing solutions.

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