Humidity Test Chambers in Ahmedabad

Humid test chambers are special designed environmental cabinets which are used to inspect the physical behaviour of the test specimen under elevating humidity and temperature conditions. The Cabinet simulates real-life factors to check the resistance of the products. Get Humidity Test Chambers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with all the required technical support.


Increasing relative humidity and temperature combined can deliver damaging situations to various products, like fabrics, stretched plastics, Glass products, coated layers electronic devices etc. To check how your product may behave if they are kept or used in the high humid area for long, humidity cabinets are used. The tester is equipped with wide space specimen placement trays where the samples are kept. Then there is an airtight door which assures that the test conditions are not lost when the door is closed firmly. It is equipped with an air circulation fan for uniform distribution of test conditions. Equipped with high-grade insulation for delivering zero heat loss of the test process. It has digital controls which can record the price value of humidity level. Get Humidity Test Chambers in Ahmedabad with latest features and high standard technical support. Contact our team for a quotation today.

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