Humidity Test Chambers in Bangalore

Humidity Testing Chamber is smart innovative environmental chambers which are used to test the behaviour of products under elevating Humidity and Temperature. The machine is equipped with Digital controls based on Microprocessor program for accurate simulation of testing conditions. Now have Humidity Test Chambers in Bangalore, Karnataka and other major industrial regions of India.


The relative humidity combined with elevating temperature conditions sometimes leads to the destruction of coated material, plastic parts, etc. They interact with the outer surface leading to the removal of it and may expose the damaged material to corrosive air. Therefore, it is very important that these coatings systems or other products which can get affected by humid conditions must be checked prior to its supply to customers. The Humidity test chambers are utilized for behaviour inspection under humid and temperature conditions. The machine is fitted with digital temperature and humidity control system. The high-speed rapid circulation fan is there for uniform distribution of the test conditions. The fan is imported from Germany and specially designed as per test standards. The chamber complies with ASTM D1776 and ASTM D1776M-15 The temperature sensing is done with highly advanced PT – 100 sensor equipped in the chamber. Purchase Humidity Test Chambers in Bangalore for experiencing best humid test conditions.

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