Humidity Test Chambers in Haridwar

Humidity/Conditioning test cabinet is used for checking the behaviour of products under elevating temperature and relative humidity combined. It is equipped with digital controls to deliver accurate test values. Access Humidity Test Chambers in Haridwar, Uttarakhand along with other prime regions of India.


Products such as coated samples, wood, metal glass etc. react differently in humid conditions. If you know that the product manufactured will be or may be facing conditions with high humidity and temperature, they must get tested for their tolerance level. Humidity test cabinets are designed to check the humid tolerance level of products against humidity and temperature. It is equipped with the PT – 100 sensors for precise management of temperature. At the completion of the test, an alarm notification system is implemented for warning the user. Digital controlled display screen is there to record instant changes in test conditions. High-quality glass wool insulation is delivered for minimum condition loss. SSR based heaters equipped for best heating conditions. Get Humidity Test Chambers in Haridwar for testing the performance quality of products in humid conditions.

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