Humidity Test Chambers in Mumbai

Humidity testing chamber is an innovative environmental test chamber which imitates the external humidity conditions artificially within a chamber to evaluate the behaviour of the sample under extreme humid and temperature. The sample to be tested can be coated with desirable paint to see if the coating is resistant long enough in humid conditions. You can have Humidity Test Chambers in Mumbai, Maharashtra and also in other major cities of India and abroad. Presto Stantest also provides services to an international location for testing instruments.


Humidity testing chamber is utilized by distinct industries for evaluating the quality of their raw material or main product under artificially controlled humid conditions and modifying temperature. It can be utilized for testing the behaviour of extreme humid conditions on the product for a long time span. The chambers are equipped with German imported air Circulation fan for uniform circulation of air inside the chamber. The testing environment is controlled digitally utilizing a microprocessor-based program and also has a digital display for accurate recording. The sample keeping area has a huge amount of space for testing various sizes and shapes. The test environment can be easily operated and programmed by the operator. The test results are visually examined post-test completion. A PID temperature controller is also a part of the equipment for delivering precision in temperature. Can be utilized for testing resistance strength of a coating or uncoated specimen against controlled humid conditions. The Humidity Test Chambers is available in Mumbai and in another top most industrial regions across the nation.

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