Humidity Test Chambers in Pantnagar

Humidity tester is an environmental chamber which allows testing material nature under relative humidity and temperature conditions. The chamber is built as per international test standards. Get Humidity Test Chambers in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for checking the quality of products in elevating humidity.


The chamber is used by various industry to test their material, components, or product under pre-set conditions of humidity and temperature. For instance location like Uttarakhand may not has that much humidity in the air then how a manufacturer can know if a coated product will remain the same way in goa, where the humidity is higher. Thus, to check that Humidity Test Chambers in Pantnagar is available. The machine is equipped with Digitalized control for a time duration of testing and controlling humidity and temperature. Uniform air circulation fan equipped which is imported from Germany. The design of the machine is based on ASTM D1776 and ASTM D1776M-15 global test standards. Highly specialized temperature sensing done using PT-100 sensor. Maximum insulation provided using PUF insulators.

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