Checking the ink abrasion resistance of a printed material sometimes becomes an intricate task. A lot of precision is required to get the exact estimation. Presto has designed an innovative instrument to check the abrasion resistance of an ink when exposed to extreme conditions. This instrument is perfect for every industry that deals with printing or used printed materials.


Benefits of Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester

Ink Abrasion Resistance Tester is designed specifically for measuring the resistance against rubbing and scuffing. This instrument can be efficiently utilised for identifying the properties of the printed material against different physical condition. These conditions may lead to deterioration of the printed material. To make inks and printing technology withstand different conditions, abrasion tester can be used. It has noiseless application and ensures uniform load distribution throughout the test area. It can determine the quality of the ink and other photosensitive coatings. Bonding of ink with printable surface is put to test. Rub resistance describes the ability of printed material to withstand marking, scuffing or smudging during handling in conversion, packaging, distribution and use. It simulates a similar environment to test the rub resistance on printed materials.





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