Laboratory Heat Sealer in Ahmedabad

Heat sealing machine is utilized for inspecting the quality of heat seal during the packaging process. The machine is specially designed to deliver real sealing procedures so that the behaviour of the seal could be checked during processing. You can access Laboratory Heat Sealer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with all the advanced features.


Heat sealing performance of the packaging material is an important standard to check. While performing form filling seal in the production line it is vital that the sealing agents are good enough to have a quick bond between the sealing agent and the packaging material under elevated heat. This is required as the packages after getting sealed are rapidly moved, thrown or dropped from one section to another while in their packaging process. Due to such situations, if the seals are of poor quality they can easily get break down losing the content inside in the packaging line itself.

The lab heat sealing machine imitates the same situation of sealing in rising heat using distinctly shaped jaws after which one can check what kind of bond strength they are delivering. The machine is digitally controlled and is fitted with a PID temperature controller. Three type so specially designed jaws are given – Diamond, straight and plain. You can now get Laboratory Heat Sealer in Ahmedabad with all the features available. Connect our team for a quotation today.

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