Laboratory Heat Sealer in Baddi

Heat sealing Machine is used to check the heat seal performance of plastic films or adhesive contents used in sealing process. The machine is a digitally controlled model and allow visual inspection of the tested sample. After the test procedure, one can check further the performance of the plastic film by peeling the seal opening the same. Now get Laboratory Heat Sealer in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh and all across the nation. Presto also cater to international countries.


Sealing of packages is a very sensitive process under which the plastic films are joined together by either applying adhesive agents in between them or by melting them and fusing them together under increasing heat and pressure. But if there is any defect in the adhesion bonds the heated seal can easily get open while it’s still hot. During the sealing and packaging process the packets runs in the production line and undergoes one process after another. The heated seal runs further in the production line very fast and if the seal is not cooled down and is loose in its heating condition it can easily get broken. Heat sealing machine can test the performance of the sealant material or the plastic films under increasing heat and pressure before applying the same in the main production line. The machine has three different jaws equipped for sealing and controlled pressure and heat gauges which are digitally controlled with high precision. The Laboratory Heat Sealer is now available in Baddi. Just connect with our team and get your machine delivered at your location.

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