Laboratory Heat Sealer in Haridwar

The heat sealing machine is used to check the heat seal performance of packaging plastic films. The machine can simulate the similar sealing conditions found in the production process to check the seal strength. Now Purchase Laboratory Heat Sealer in Haridwar, Uttarakhand and implement positive changes in the sealing process.


The heat sealing procedure involves sealing of packaging paper or film in heating conditions. This means when the packages are sealed they are still hot in temperature. And if the sealing agents are poor in quality they may get loosen up and open up while travelling further in the packaging process. Therefore, prior to selecting any of the sealing agents, they must be tested using a Heat sealing machine. The tester is equipped with strong and standard designed sealing jaws. It offers three types of jaws, Straight lines, plain and Diamond Knurling. It uses a microprocessor-based digital display program. Uses pneumatic pressure control for delivering uniform results. PID based temperature control along with time. The specimen must be placed flat on the test area without generating any loops so that jaws can clamp it properly and it doesn’t slip away. Now you can have Laboratory Heat Sealer in Haridwar for testing the heat seal performance of plastic films.

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