Laboratory Heat Sealer in Pantnagar

Heat sealing machine, is suitable for testing adhesive agent and similar products which are used for packaging purpose. Suitable for testing plastic films, poly films, adhesive sheets etc. Get Laboratory Heat Sealer in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for testing the heat seal performance of the material.


The lab heat sealing machine checks the performance of sealable packaging material, which is adhesive in nature or not. They also test poly films or thermoplastic sheets which can be fused together, under elevated heat conditions. The machine is equipped with a pressure gauge which records precisely the amount of force applied during the test procedure. Digital display screen with a bright LED light equipped for low light vision is based on a microprocessor program to deliver high accuracy in showing test values. There are three types of distinctly shaped jaws which are used to seal the material. Pneumatically controlled pressure moving the jaws. The material must be placed between the jaws without having any loops for uniform and smooth testing. Now you can get Laboratory Heat Sealer in Pantnagar and implement accurate testing procedures to estimate the sealing performance.

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