Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Ahmedabad

The hot air oven is a commonly utilized equipment which is a vital requirement in laboratories and industries. The chamber is utilized to perform dry heat testing procedures like - ageing test, heat deflection and compression set testing of the polymer. Other than that it is also used to conduct sterilization for medical or research labs. Now you can get Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and other top cities of India.


The Polymer based components are inspected under rising dry heat conditions for inspecting the behaviour. The cabinet is fitted with German imported air circulation fans which distribute the heat all over the chamber so that the heating temperature is reached to each and every corner of the chamber and also on the test specimen. The test cabinet utilizes digital technology which is depended upon an advanced microprocessor software. It assures accuracy in testing results. The Digitalized screen displays the heating temperature changes going on inside. The display is fitted with a bright LED which helps the user to view test data under low light vision. The machine has huge space inside for keeping test specimen. It has SSR based heaters which deliver the maximum level of dry heat. The hot air oven is widely used in polymer industries, research labs, and even in pharmaceutical industries. Interested clients can now purchase Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Ahmedabad with all the required technical guidance.

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