Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Bangalore

Industrial Hot air Oven is utilized widely in the plastic industry and even in laboratories for sterilization purpose. In plastic industry, the oven is used for ageing process, heat deformation or heat resistance test. Now access Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Bangalore, Karnataka with all the required technical features.


The Plastic ageing process is often conducted in industries for quality control. The manufacturers observe the effect of elevating temperature on their product when exposed for long time duration. Other than this for conducting dry heat sterilization, Ovens are used. The Industrial Hot air oven, is a compact and robust model which has digital controls. The digital display screen is equipped with Microprocessor based program and PID temperature controller for maintaining temperature accuracy. Below that are control button which are feather soft and easy for controlling machine operations. The door has a firm handle which ensure the chamber is locked carefully. There is even a facility of ventilation provided on the chamber. It is equipped with a high speed air circulation fan which is imported specially from Germany. It assures that the temperature inside is uniformly distributed to each corner. Delivers high grade insulation with Glass wool insulation equipped. Get Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Bangalore and all across the country for an ultimate testing experience.

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