Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Haridwar

Industrial Oven is an important part of the plastic industry. Especially in the test labs. It is used for evaluating the performance of polymer-based material or products under elevated dry heat. The machine is a digital model and is highly accurate. Get Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for estimating product quality under heat and temperature conditions.


The Plastic material undergoes several kinds of a testing procedure to confirm that they are of best quality and as per the industry criteria. The main test processes which include the use of dry heat are ageing process, heat resistant test, heat deformation test etc. The oven is designed especially for conducting the quality test in industries. It is built of high-grade mild steel material and is coated with corrosion resistant coating. Equipped with Digital controls and screen which is based upon a high technology microprocessor software. German imported air circulation fan for uniform circulation the inside heating condition. The chamber has PUF insulation for delivering minimum heat loss during the test process. The oven is also used in labs for conducting the sterilization process. The Laboratory Hot Air Oven is now available in Haridwar with high profile versions and all the required features.

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