Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Pantnagar

Lab Oven is basic but important equipment used in industrial labs and Research labs. It delivers dry heat conditions which are required in various types of Polymer quality testing. Now get Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for implementing quality testing for plastics.


The Lab oven is used for many different plastic testing processes. These include Ageing, compression set, heat deformation, heat resistance etc. The ageing process is a popular test conducted on polymer material which will be used in any product that has to experience elevated heating temperature for a long time. So to check the performance of the plastic parts in dry heat prior selection is done by Lab oven. The equipment is a strongly built chamber made of high-quality mild steel material. Equipped with SSR based heaters and PUF insulation. It controls the test process through the digital controls based on a microprocessor program. Get Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Pantnagar and conduct the quality testing procedure.

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