Laminated Peel Testing

Presto manufactures the best quality of Peel, seal or bond testing machine that helps to perform Laminated Peel Testing. The test is performed to measure the actual pressure which is required to separate the coated substances which have been applied to standard test plates under specified conditions from another plate which is provided at a particular angle with particular speed.


The testing machine is designed and manufactures as per the national and international standard that are provided by recognized standardization authorities. Presto offers two models of Peel Strength Tester to perform Laminated Steel Testing i.e. Digital Model and Computerized Model.

Presto’s Peel Strength Tester is the best testing machine which is used to perform laminated peel testing to test the quality of the laminates. The testing machine is provided with two clamps. To perform the test procedure, a sample of a gum coated material is placed between the two grips under some specific conditions. The upper grip of the device is kept fixed while another grip is moved in downward condition to test the adhesion strength of the coated substance with a particular velocity. The testing device helps to peel the laminated materials from an angle of 180 degree with the separation rate of 300mm/minute with an accuracy of +/- 2%.

The testing machine is designed on the sturdy metal base which makes the product durable. The testing machine is provided with the user guide and conformance certificate which is perceptible to NABL approved labs.

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