Melt Flow Index Tester in Bangalore

The MFI testing machine is designed for testing the molten properties of Plastic Granules. It complies with international test standards and is widely used in leading polymer industries. The machine is equipped with the latest technology and automated cutting process. Presto is delivering Melt Flow Index Tester in Bangalore, Karnataka for evolving polymer industries.


The molten properties of plastic granules is an important feature. It is used to examine the quality and the estimate the behaviour of the polymer during its processing method. The flow of the melted plastic must be as per the industry requirements and the application it is subjected to. This particular feature is tested using Melt flow testing machine. The equipment is fitted with a PID controller which maintains the accuracy of the modifying temperature and heat generation. A pre-set digital timer for setting the time of the test process. On the top of the machine operator can place the weight of choice. The machine offers distinct weight for applying on the piston. The piston is used for pushing the sample and exerting pressure. The piston is inserted inside the barrel which is made up of high-grade material and is thick enough to control heat loss. Below the piston rests the sample which is melted and is flown outside. At the outer area, an automated cutter is equipped which cuts down the molten sample after 10 mins of flow. Now order Melt Flow Index Tester in Bangalore and get an ideal testing solution for your industries.

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