Melt Flow Index Tester in Haridwar

MFI tester is a polymer testing instrument used for checking the melt flow properties of plastic granules. The machine is a digital model which is designed as per international standards. Get Melt Flow Index Tester in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for implementing quality control over plastic material.


Melt flow properties of Plastic is an important factor while judging the quality standard of the plastic material. It is mostly used while estimating its performance for the processing of polymers like in blow moulding technique used for PET bottle manufacturing. The Flow properties of the polymer are also used in industries to categorize the plastic as per company criteria. To estimate the flow behaviour you need to calculate the melt flow index or MFI value of the specimen. It can be done using MFI tester. The machine is equipped with a PID controller which is based on a microprocessor program. This enables complete control over the temperature setting. Pre-Set Digital Timer which can record precise test time duration. Along with these features, the extruded polymer flow can be cut automatically using an automated cutter equipped in the machine. Get Melt Flow Index Tester in Haridwar for performing the precision based test.

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