Melt Flow Index Tester in Mumbai

Melt flow Index testing machine or MFI tester is plastic testing equipment which is utilized for calculating the melt flow properties of Polymer-based products. The Deluxe model is a semi-automated version which provides precision based test results without any hassle and with full precision. The device is considered suitable for testing polymer granules and its MFI value. Now you can also have Melt Flow Index Tester in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Presto delivers its services all across the nation and to international nations too.


The Plastic melt flow properties holds a major role in determining the quality standards of polymer granules and also for its distribution as per the application decided. The plastic’s melt flow behaviour is important for estimating its thermal and melting nature and also it’s processing method. The melt flow index (MFI) is defined as the rate of flowing in a melted polymer which is extruded from a high-temperature barrel under a prefixed pressure and temperature within 10 min of time span. Other than MFI, MFR and MVR values can also be estimated utilizing the testing machine – Melt flow Index tester. The device is fitted with a big sized barrel which is considered ideal for heating the polymer granules till it gets molten. Pistons are there for application of pressure on the molten granule and range of distinct weights is also available to program the pressure as per industry requirement. The cutting of the molten polymer flown is automatically controlled assuring zero error in estimation of testing data. The machine delivers PID temperature controller for precise heating conditions and a digital display screen which records the heat and pressure values accurately. To purchase Melt Flow Index Tester in Mumbai, get in touch with our team today.

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