Melt Flow Index Tester in Pantnagar

The MFI testing machine is constructed for examining the melt flow properties of Plastic Material. It strictly adheres to international test standards and is widely utilized in leading polymer industries. The machine is fitted with advanced technology and automated sample cutting feature. Presto is delivering Melt Flow Index Tester in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for introducing precise quality control in polymer industries.


The melt flow behaviour of polymer granules is a vital property to test and control. It is utilized to evaluate the quality and determine the nature of the polymer during its processing method. The melt flow index of plastic must be as per the industry criteria and the application it is made for. The molten property of polymers is tested using Melt flow testing machine or MFI tester. To initiate the test process the polymer granules are put inside the barrel which will be heated using the uniform heating procedure. The heating temperature is controlled using a PID temperature controller. The polymer will start to melt down and will initiate flowing down. Also, there is a provision of putting a load on the specimen while melting and flowing down. The molten polymer when comes out after extrusion of 10 min, it is automatically sliced by the sample cutter. Get Melt Flow Index Tester in Pantnagar and introduce an ideal testing solution for your industries.

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