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M 90 Moisture Analyzer is used for measuring moisture content using halogen heating. It is widely used for evaluating moisture content in pharmaceutical substances, plastics, foods, paper, corrugated sheets etc. Equipped with controlled, faster and precise heating of samples and Touchscreen display with the icon-driven menu navigation system.


M 90







M 90 Moisture Analyzer is a perfect combination of Speed and Precision. It can test multiple samples in less time. The halogen heating process utilized by the device distributes the heat throughout the test sample uniformly. This speeds up the drying process and can deliver faster and precision based test results. It offers a tool-free cleaning for the user, this allows an easy and quick maintainenece with no complications. Equipped with a touch-screen display using which one can access the test monitoring and operations both. Compared to Traditional infrared method, halogen heating can dry up material 40% faster. Can function within a wide temperature range of 40 to 200 °C. Provides two different heating profile including fast and standard heating for matching requirements of distinct samples.

Also, the user can choose the test process from Manual, Timed and Auto. In Manual, you can start and stop the test manually, in Timed you can set the test duration, and in Auto, you can set the test on the auto-stop feature. Each and every component of the chamber is very easy to remove and clean. The Touchscreen display has easy to read feature, no training required for being friendly with the operations. Equipped with 4 standard keys - Tare, Start/Stop, Print, On/Off. Allow PC connectivity with USB and RS232 Ports.



  • Capacity - 90 g
  • Readability - 0.01%/0.001 g
  • Repeatability - (Std. Dev) 0.18% (3 g sample), 0.02% (10 g sample)
  • Moisture Range - 0.01% to 100% (0.01% to 1000% for regain mode)
  • Test Output - RS232, USB Host, USB Device
  • Heating Element used - Halogen
  • Temperature Range - 40–200 °C
  • Power Input - 120 or 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Operating Temperature Range – 50 –104 °F/10–40 °C
  • Display Type - 4.3 in/109 mm, QVGA, TFT touch screen
  • Pan Size - 3.5 in/90 mm


  • Faster and precise test results with Halogen heating method.
  • Allow Tool-free Cleaning for Easy Maintainenece.
  • Equipped with highly advanced Touchscreen display having an icon-based easy navigation system.
  • Dual drying profiles available to choose from – Fast and Standard.
  • Test duration mode can also be selected from – Manual, Timed and Auto profiles.
  • Allow easy PC connection with specially designed USB and RS232 Ports.
  • Deliver additional features such as ABS top housing, stainless steel pan support, in-use cover, memory storage up to 2 methods and 100 test results for each method, user-guide, and 13 operational languages.



Determining the moisture content in a polymer is a very crucial task and must be done accurately for best quality of the products. As a manufacturer of plastic consumer goods, I was seeking a reliable instrument to calculate the moisture content in my products. The Moisture analyzer by Presto has offered the best options to analyze the Moisture content in my materials are products with great accuracy and a simple operating procedure.

— Rajnish Yadav

This is the perfect instrument for my lab. It can easily test the polymer granules in this instrument. No more weighing and drying. The design is hassle free and results can be relied.

— Prateek Singh

My company perform moisture test on paper, fibreboard and carton sheets using presto equipment. Have positively added to our quality improvement.

— Sumeet Bhardwaj

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