Non-Destructive Testing Machine

Presto Stantest offers Magnamike 8600, non-destructive testing machine, which is used to measure the wall thickness of PET bottles. It is a portable thickness gauge from Olympus to perform non-destructive testing.


It is a user-friendly and easy to use a device that offers simple operation and used to measure the thickness of all ferrous and non-ferrous material such as PET bottles, Prefoms, aluminum tanks, glass bottles, Water tanks, etc. Precise and accurate test results can be determined with the device easily.

Magna-Mike 8600 is a premium quality of non-destructive testing machine that works on the principle of Hall Effect technology. To calculate the thickness of the bottles, the instrument requires both sides of the container. The target ball is placed inside the bottle, and the magnetic fragment is placed on the outer surface. The probe’s sensor which is present in the magnetic fragment quickly senses the distance between the ball and sensor and the results are displayed on the screen. The instrument is used to test the thickness of plastic bottles that are used in the packaging of medical and pharmaceutical products, scientific glasses and glass containers, aluminum beverage cans, foam, paper glasses and other HDPE containers.

The Magna-mike 8600 is the best and non-destructive method that tests the thickness of the bottles. The testing machine is widely used in PET and Preform Industries to measure the thickness of preforms and bottles in highly effective manner. The machine works on the principle of Hall’s Effect. Presto Stantest, one of the renowned manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of testing machine, supplies best quality of Magna-Mike 8600, a product from Olympus.

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