PI Tape

PI TAPE is easy to use tool that permits the diameter of a cylindrical item to be determined in single & quick measurement with precision.


PI TAPE is one of the easy to use and consistent lab testing instrument that will permit the diameter of a cylindrical material with quick measurement. 
Presto's PI Tape is an outer diameter measurement gauge which is used to measure the diameter of cylindrical items like PET & Preform bottles, cylindrical containers, jars, etc. in one single measurement. The testing equipment is fabricated with high quality of steel material. The PI Tape is designed especially for PET & Preform testing laboratories to measure the diameters of bottles and cylindrical containers to offer reliable services for many years. The measurement tape offers measurements in metric units.

PI Tape is the highly accurate measurement tool which is made up of 1095 clock spring steel. These tapes require minimum maintenance. It is necessary to ensure that the tape has not been kinked or dented. This can affect the correctness of the tape. PI Tape gages are valuable tools widely used in the aerospace field as well as in plastic pipe industry. Moreover, the PI tape is used in numerous fields to fulfill various purposes of measurements.

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