RCT/FCT/EDGE Crush Tester - Digital- Model No. PCT - 111 S

RCT/FCT/EDGE Crush Tester - Digital- Model No. PCT - 111 S

RCT/FCT/Edge Crush Tester Digital is a consistent tool to measure the crush strength of cardboard boxes and packaging containers. PRESTO RCT/FCT/Edge Crush Tester is manufactured under Test Standard IS 7063.


The Ring Crush, Edge Crush, Flat Crush Strength tester measures the rigidity of CFB on edgewise. The Presto RCT/FCT/EDGE Crush Tester is a digital model used to determine the resistance of various materials like corrugated boxes, cartons, etc. against crushing and deformation. This testing equipment is widely used in the paper and packaging industry and provides the accurate value of edge crush, flat crush, and ring crush tests.

The digital model of the Presto RCT/FCT/EDGE Crush Tester comes with a user-friendly interface and a microprocessor-based display for accurate testing results. It will accurately display the compression strength of the test specimen and has separate fixtures for ring crush, edge crush, and flat crush tests.

It comes with separate fixtures for ring crush, edge crush, and flat crush tests. This allows for precise and accurate testing of each type of crushing resistance, ensuring reliable test results for a range of materials.

This model comes with several key features that make it a reliable and efficient testing instrument for quality control testing. In addition, the instrument features highly accurate test results under compression force, ensuring consistent and reliable data for quality control purposes. This is further enhanced by the strong gripping clamps that firmly hold the material in place during testing.

The Presto RCT/FCT/EDGE Crush Tester digital model also features a bright LED display that shows real-time data during testing. This display allows for easy monitoring of the test process and provides clear, accurate data for analysis.

Another useful feature of this model is its inbuilt calibration facility, which ensures accurate and consistent results over time. Besides all, the instrument's feather touch controls make it easy to operate, even for users with limited experience. Presto is a leading manufacturer of RCT/FCT/EDGE Crush tester digital models.


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