Salt Mist Cabinets

Presto designed the Salt Mist Cabinets according to the relevant standard. The purpose of this device is to access the ability of rust proofed materials or components to endure the corrosion or rust caused by environmental conditions.


The machine is used to test the corrosion resistance of surface coating under a salt laden environment. The device is time tested for assessment of rust proof ability of materials and is completely flexible in replicating the actual environmental conditions. The double walled chamber is filled with glass wool insulation for providing the correct results and is reliable enough to fulfill the international testing standard.

The salt mist cabinets are designed as per the latest technology that includes an air flow meter for regulating air flow between 0 to 20 psi an air jacket heating system is equipped for reliable and consistent operation. The chamber allows the user to adjust the test temperature from ambient to +45°C. A PLC controlled PID is used for temperature control. The device has a powerful touch screen tool for easy resistance inspection which has a built in PT 100 sensor. There are 8 function keys, a 3M flash memory is available plus a USB host is also provided for USB flash drive.

The machine is efficient for performing the quality control tests in laboratories, where comparative testing is performed. There is a transparent cover to provide the continuous direct visual observation of the test samples and optimizes test observations. Presto supplies the chamber with an instruction manual and calibration certificate adhering to ISO, ASTM, JIS, IS and DIN standards.

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