Salt Spray Chamber in Ahmedabad

The salt fog chamber is utilized for testing the corrosion resistance of coated material. It checks the time till which a coating system can sustain a salt-laden environment and doesn’t build any corrosion on itself. Get Salt Spray Chamber in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to experience the best testing solution.


The material surface containing ferrous in it will definitely react with moisture and salt present in the air or water. On reaction, it will convert the ferrous into ferrous oxide. This can damage the product quality and function both. For securing the product, a protective barrier is required and that can be achieved by application of an effective coating layer. The coating layer is checked for its life span under corrosive environment. The salt spray tester is equipped with a fibre reinforced three-layered walls and uses HMI based touchscreen display. It also allows remote connectivity using LAN network can monitor test from your computer system. The chamber has specially design sample placement area. You can hang or fix the sample on trays. Get Salt Spray Chamber in Ahmedabad with all the required technical support.

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