Salt Spray Chamber in Baddi

Salt Spray Tester is a highly utilized product for quality testing purpose in Coating and metal industries. It is also popularly called as corrosion test chamber. It used for testing the resistance of coating against corrosive salt fog. Customers can now have Salt Spray Chamber in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh as Presto cater across the nation and overseas. One can easily order for the machine from their location by connecting with us.


Corrosion testing is important for checking both the quality of coating process and the surface material. Corrosion can not only destroy the appearance but can also seep deep inside the material and slow down its processing functions. That is why to protect the material form building corrosion it is important to apply a good quality coating layer which can resist the corrosion process for long and protect the inner material form further damage. Salt Spray Tester by Presto is a highly renowned test chamber in the coating, paint and plating industry. It is designed as per ASTM B 117 and JIS Z 2371. It also follows several other test standards too. Equipped with touchscreen display screen for operation as well as monitoring and new Ethernet connectivity. Salt Spray chamber can be purchased from Baddi and all other locations in India. We also export to overseas locations.

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