Salt Spray Chamber in Bangalore

Salt Spray Tester is used for testing the corrosion resistance of coating systems. It determines the exact period of time till the coating can sustain the corrosive environment and deliver protection to the inside material. The chamber is an innovative and standardized design by Presto Group. Now you can also have Salt Spray Chamber in Bangalore, Karnataka. Just connect with our team.


The corrosive environment reacts with the coating and try to damage it. Once the coating is out, the corrosion can directly react with the surface and then starts the oxidation reaction. This will not only hamper the Material itself but also the overall function and performance. Thus, it is very important now to have a reality check on the coating on which the company wish to invest. It is tested before that how much of salt laden conditions can a coating sustain and for how long. This estimation can help the user to choose wisely. The salt spray tester is equipped with a pneumatically controlled canopy which is designed precisely as per test standards. The angle of canopy is built in such a way that the evaporated droplet on the canopy will never fall direct on the sample but will slide down the canopy and fall inside the chamber. Fiber reinforced triple walled body which ensure zero heat loss increasing the testing efficiency. Get Salt Spray Chamber in Bangalore and across major cities of India.

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