Salt Spray Chamber in Haridwar

Salt fog chamber, is utilized for testing the coating quality and its resistance capacity against corrosive conditions. The chamber simulates the salt-laden environment which is usually responsible for corrosion in a controlled manner for testing. Purchase Salt Spray Chamber in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for conduction quality test on coating systems.


Coated or non-coated ferrous material will definitely be affected with corrosion. It is not possible that a ferrous product will never get corroded but yes we can extend its warranty and performance. This can be done first by testing and evaluating that a particular coating system is how much efficient in delivering protection against corrosion and salt-laden fog. It is checked that a coated substance can safeguard the below material for how long. The salt spray tester is the best testing equipment for the same. The chamber is specially designed under global test standards and every single detail has been taking care. The canopy angles are designed in such a way that the droplet of salt fog must not drop directly on the specimen to be tested. It rather scrolls down the canopy in the chamber. The machine also offers an external fog collection centre which reduces the need for opening the chamber in between the test to check the running performance. You can now have Salt Spray Chamber in Haridwar for testing coated or non-coated test samples.

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