Salt Spray Chamber in Pantnagar

salt spray tester is used for testing the quality of coating system under a corrosive environment. It is equipped with latest features and innovative technology. Get Salt Spray Chamber in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for conducting corrosion test on the specimen.


Corrosion by salt-laden conditions is a common problem faced by coated metals which have their applications outside or under water. For instances parts used in ships and submarines or aerospace industry. The coating applied to them must ensure that they provide protection against corrosion for a long time. The salt spray tester is an innovation testing solution which can determine the resistance strength of the coating against increasing corrosion. Equipped with the latest design and features, the chamber is capable of running long hours test and allow a high level of control. Triple walled body built of fibre reinforced material ensuring maximum insulation and avoid heat loss. The transparent canopy is set at a specified angle that does not allow the droplet to fall directly on the test sample. Ethernet connectivity allows the user to control the functions and monitor test data on their system through LAN or internet. Get Salt Spray Chamber in Pantnagar and have a standardised testing solution for your coating system.

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