Salt Spray Chamber in Pune

The salt spray tester is a corrosion test chamber which evaluates the performance of the coating system under salt fog conditions. The products which are exposed to the corrosive environment either in air or water must be applied with an efficient coating system which can sustain such an environment. Now you can have Salt Spray Chamber in Pune, Maharashtra and also to other major cities.


The ferrous metals are always prone to the most damaging issue which is corrosion. That is why manufacturers apply the most efficient coating system which can sustain for maximum time in the corrosive air. Therefore, it is vital to know the validity of a coating and if it can survive under the expected condition for a particular material. Salt spray tester is one such environmental chamber which uses advanced technology to produce controlled salt fog under which the materials can be tested for its resistance against damage. The chamber is made up of triple walled fibre reinforced material which ensures that the heat or temperature during the test is not lost. It is equipped with an automated air purge technology which if pressed then the corrosive air will automatically settle down and then the chamber door will get opened. This way the corrosive air will not affect the surrounding conditions. Get Salt Spray Chamber in Pune and experience the ultimate testing solution.

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