Salt Spray Testing Chamber

Salt Spray Testing is performed using a unique chamber which allows the user to perform accelerated corrosion test on metal coating surface with application of salt fog. It simulates a controlled salt-laden environment inside the chamber for testing the corrosion resistance quality of ferrous metal and coatings. The chamber design and function follows multiple global test standards including ASTM B117 and JIS Z 2371.


Presto encourages metal and coating manufacturers to use the ideal and renowned  test, Salt Spray Testing for checking the corrosion resistance of surface coatings. The test is performed to check the behaviour of coated metals when exposed to a salt laden environment or corrosive conditions. The test determines the rust proof ability of a component to resist corrosion due to environmental conditions. The machine provides replication of different environmental conditions and is adjustable from ambient to +40°C. There is a PLC controlled PID to control the temperature of the chamber. The instrument has a touch screen that makes testing procedures simple for different kinds of samples.
The tester is specially designed to perform the quality control tests in laboratories as comparative testing is essential in labs. A transparent cover provides constant direct visual observation of the test item, and this helps in optimization of testing inspection. The triple wall chamber is fitted with a glass wool insulation that ensures the correct and reliable test results complying with the international standard of testing. The air flow meter incorporated to regulate the air flow from 0 to 30 Psi and an air jacket heating system is also equipped for even and reliable operation.


The touch screen is considered an effective tool with built in PT 100 sensor. The salt spray testing is done with its HMI based display allow the user to access eight function keys, a 3 M flash memory, and for a USB flash drive, and a USB host. The testing procedure is highly efficient for corrosion tests. The tests are based on several international standards that require automatic water control and dry air. There are some standard accessories like gauges, cyclic timer, air purging, a regulator, and time totalizer are provided along with the racks.

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