Scuff & Abrasion Testing

Presto manufactures Scuff Resistance Tester to perform scuff and abrasion testing efficiently and easily. It is the best quality of instrument which is used to test the quality of printed substrates by rubbing the surface of the printed material with another material.


The device is used to perform the scuff test to measure the color consistency of the printed substrates during rubbing. The device is designed to measure the rubbing quality of the prints on papers and boards. The device is also used to measure the color transfer quality during scuffing. The testing machine is introduced to measure the abrasion resistance of plastic products and aluminum foils.

Presto Scuff Resistance Tester works continuously by rubbing the surface of the material by placing the surface of two materials face to face. The scuffing of the material is done with the speed of 60rpm under the constant rate of pressure. To perform Scuff & Abrasion Testing, the test sample is placed on the base of the testing machine with the printed portion in an upward direction. After that, a weight of 2 psi is attached and placed above the sample. Now, set the number of strokes up to 100 cycles or you can set the strokes as per the requirement of the test. After fixing the number of strokes, the test sample is examined for color consistency, rub resistance, or any type of transfer of ink from printed material to another material.

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