Scuff Resistance Tester - PRIMA SERIES- Model No. PSR - 292 (Prima)

Scuff Resistance Tester - PRIMA SERIES- Model No. PSR - 292 (Prima)

Scuff testing of labels and other printed materials is used to determine their resistance to abrasion, scratching, or rubbing. This type of testing is essential for ensuring that the labels and printed materials can withstand handling and transportation without losing their legibility, durability, or aesthetic appeal.


It checks the color transfer when one surface is rubbed against other when subjected to continuous rubbing under specified load. PRESTO Scuff Resistance Tester is designed as per standards ASTM F2497-05, BS 3110:1959.

Other model available are Scuff Resistance Tester – Digital Model.

Presto scuff resistance prima model has been designed with highly advanced features that make it easy for the printing product manufacturers to conduct scuff resistance tests on the labels, and other printed materials. This HMI-based touchscreen model will perform highly accurate lab testing results under a uniform load and with a specified diameter.

It comes with a pre-settable counter of up to 9999 counts built into the HMI, making it easy for users to keep track of the test progress. The blower with set counts and Auto/Manual operation adds to the convenience and efficiency of the instrument, making it an excellent choice for a range of scuff resistance testing applications. Manufacturers of the printing product industry can easily perform scuff resistance testing on the products with the help of this quality testing instrument.

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