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Prestoís Scuff Tester for UAE is an extremely advanced testing instrument that is used in a variety of industries and production verticals for the assessment o...







Presto’s Scuff Tester for UAE is an extremely advanced testing instrument that is used in a variety of industries and production verticals for the assessment of the scuff resistance of different materials. The packaging materials are extensively subjected to scuffing during their transportation and storage. This can easily deface the look of the packaging. The scuff tester helps the manufacturers in testing the scuff resistance of the packaging materials and ensures that the packaging materials will be able to survive the scuffing without any damage to the printed labels.

The instrument complies with all the essential quality standards and is capable of delivering highly accurate test results.

Presto is an industry trusted the leader in the manufacturing of highly efficient Scuff Tester for UAE that is used in packaging industries for testing the printed packaging materials. The instruments are provided with advanced features such as uniform rotating motion, digital preset timer and additional dead weight for additional application of force which allow the users to obtain highly accurate test results from the machine. In addition to that, the device is also provided with a conformance certificate and a user manual for easy operation of the apparatus.


    • The testing appliance is best for determination of the scuff resistance of two different sizes of the specimen that are 2 inches and 4.5 inches.
    • The instrument is also available with two additional dead weights of value 1 psi + 1 psi for exerting additional force on the test specimen. The dead weights are available on request.
    • The apparatus is equipped with a digital preset timer which helps in the exact setting of the test cycle timing.
    • There is a chrome finish given to the machine that makes it corrosion free.
    • The apparatus requires an electrical supply of rating 50 Hz and 220 volts for proper operation.


    • The machine is ideal for commencing the scuff resistance test for materials like paper, printed labels, printed BOP tapes and so forth.
    • The appliance is given with a very simple design for easy operation.
    • The machine comes with an automatic buzzer that is triggered by the completion of the test automatically.
    • The device is constructed with the best quality materials and is suitable for the harsh environment of industries.
    • Areas of Application:
      • Ideal for testing the packaging boxes, paper boxes, printed corrugated boxes and so forth.
      • Best for testing the quality of inks used in the printing of packaging materials.
      • The instrument is also ideal for testing the scuff resistance offered by the glossy covers of the magazines.



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