Scuff Tester in Ahmedabad

Scuff testing machine is utilized for performing test procedures on the printed and coated material. It inspects the amount of colour transfer from printed or coated surfaces when subjected to rubbing or scuffing activities. The Machine can examine the resistance a specimen can deliver towards scuffing without damaging itself. Now you can also get Scuff Tester in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by connecting with our team today.


Printed or coated surfaces which can be on a flexible packaging film or paper, even printed newspaper or any magazine cover. Usually, any printed or coated surface which is exposed to rubbing with other surfaces may lose their print and colour quality. To inspect how much resistance it can deliver against scuffing, Scuff testing machine is utilized. The tester is built according to ASTM F2497-05, and BS 3110:1959 test standards. It is fitted with a 2 psi weight which is utilized for putting a load on the test sample and ensuring evenness in each repeatable test cycle. The specimen test area has a rotating upper base which is linked with a motorised arrangement for noise-free and smooth rubbing actions. The machine is also fitted with a digital pre-set timer for counting the number of rotations. Get Scuff Tester in Ahmedabad and experience the best testing solution for improving scuff resistance.

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