Scuff Tester in Baddi

Scuff Tester is a specially designed equipment which is used for testing the printing and coating quality against rubbing or scuffing motions. The machine is a digital model which is controlled using a microprocessor based program. Now get the best testing solution with Scuff Tester in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. Along with this Presto also serves across India, and in Global Market too.


With time, packaging industries have started working on their appearances and have invested a lot to deliver the best aesthetics. Also manufacturers try to inform the consumers about their product by using interesting language which is also printed on the packaging cover. These print quality, and information which are printed on the package is always plays a vital role to the brand reputation. Therefore, manufacturers must have a quality check on the packaging material. As, while handling, storage and even in transit conditions, the material can face rubbing, or scuffing actions. This may lead to loss of printing quality or data written on it. Thus, a Scuff testing machine can be used to stimulate the rubbing conditions and see how much rotation of scuff the specimen can take without destroying the print quality. The machine is equipped with a motorised flat circular fixture which deliver continuous rotations. And the rotations are precisely counted by the digital program. Purchase Scuff Tester in Baddi now, just connect with our team and get quotation.

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