Scuff Tester in Bangalore

Scuff testing machine is used for determining behaviour of paper, or other form of plastic packaging material against rubbing and scuffing actions. The machine is designed as per international test standards such as ASTM F2497-05, and BS 3110:1959. Now interested clients can have Scuff Tester in Bangalore, Karnataka with all other testing equipments.


When printed packages are rubbed against rough surfaces or against each other while handling, storage, or transporting, this can lead to color fastness or loss of printed design or data. This is a major issue, when for instance in any medicinal box, the data like the dosage and expiry date which have a huge importance for the customer is lost due to constant rubbing can be a big issue. To avoid such things, the sample must be tested under the same activity. It can be generated with the use of Scuff testing machine. The machine is digitally controlled with digital based counter which quantify the number of rubbing rotations. The sample test area has a flat circular metal piece which is used for rubbing the sample. Above that 2 Psi weight is exerted. The rotational movements are controlled with motorized weight arrangement for delivering noise free working environment. Get Scuff Tester in Bangalore and experience the best testing solution.

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