Scuff Tester in Mumbai

The Scuff testing machine is used to estimate the resistance strength of printed material or inked design under rubbing and scuffing activities. The machine can suitably test paperboard material, packaging films, printed material etc. As Presto understands the need for testing solutions in India, they are now delivering Scuff Tester in Mumbai, Maharashtra.


The printed packaging or inked data on containers and boxes plays a vital role in transferring information from the company to the customers or to the retailer. The data can contain handling information, transporting information, ingredients and dates of manufacturing, expiry etc. These data holds a lot of importance and must be retained on the package for long. But during the manufacturing process, handling packaging, and even while storage and in the retailers shop the printed data may face the rubbing and scuff on the surface. Therefore, it is must to test that the material which is printed is retaining the data or not. The scuff testing machine is equipped with a scuff generating head which contacts the surface of the test specimen and rubs against it in rotations. The digital display screen counts the rotations performed and the result is visually inspected. The machine can perform standard rubbing action on the sample and the microprocessor-based program maintains the accuracy in the motion and rotation counts. Get Scuff Tester in Mumbai with advanced features and technology.

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