Scuff Tester in Pune

Scuff testing machine is used for testing the printed and coated material. It evaluates the colour transfer of printed or coated material against rubbing or scuffing activities. The Machine can evaluate the amount of resistance a particular material can deliver against scuffing. Now you can also get Scuff Tester in Pune, Maharashtra with all the required technical support.


Printed or coated material which can be a packaging film or paper, even printed newspaper or any magazine cover. Basically, any printed or coated surface which is open and can be exposed to rubbing with other surfaces may lose their print and colour quality. To test how much resistance it can provide against scuffing, Scuff testing machine is used. The tester is designed and constructed as per ASTM F2497-05, and BS 3110:1959 test standards. It is equipped with a 2 psi weight which is used for exerting pressure on the test sample and ensuring evenness in every test cycle. The sample test areas have a moving upper base which is connected with a motorised arrangement for noise-free and smooth rubbing movements. The machine is also equipped with a digital pre-set timer for counting the rotations. The machine delivers a precise simulation of the scuffing so that it can be seen clearly that how much a material can sustain and the results are visually inspected. Get Scuff Tester in Pune along with other prime locations of India.

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