Spectrophotometer TP-800 - Color Matching in Ahmedabad

Spectrophotometer TP-800  - Color Matching in Ahmedabad

Spectrophotometer TP 800 is a uniquely designed device by Testronix. It is used in the detection of the colour of the product and converts it into a quantitative code. With help of these colour codes, you can compare the product with the master shade. Get Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with all the latest features.


The colour detection device is used for inspecting the colour quality of the products. It can compare one colour with another like with the master shade. It can detect the colour change and inspect the product quality. It can also help in generating new colour shades. The device is lightweight and is portable in nature. It is equipped with a highly advanced software which delivers a high level of accuracy in colour detection. It can be automatically calibrated before conducting any test. It provides auto white and black calibration. There is an HMI based touchscreen display which is used to conduct all type of operations. It can program test profiles and generate comparison charts based on two distinct test data. It can also be used to display live test data. The TP 800 model allows testing of solid, liquid, and semi-liquid samples including food, beverages, pharmaceutical powders and plastic material. For liquid and semi-liquid samples, universal test box is used which is one of the colour measurement accessories. Now access Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Ahmedabad. Contact us today for quotations.

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