Spectrophotometer TP-800

Portable Spectrophotometer is an advanced colour measurement equipment designed by Presto Group. It is used for conducting a high complex colour inspection and matching the product colour with its masterbatch. Now you can order Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Bangalore, Karnataka. Just connect with our team and get your product supplied at your location.


The Spectrophotometer is also termed as TP 800 which is utilized by leading brands in various industries. It is suitable for testing plastic, paper, liquid, powder substances, or semi-liquid specimens. It can investigate the yellowness, whiteness, colourfastness and perform colour matching. The device is also very helpful in inventing new colours. It is equipped with a huge LCD screen which is used for setting test programs, and monitoring testing results. It can also generate comparison graphs. Also, it can show multiple test data on one screen. The devices are designed as per CIE, CNS, ASTM E313, AATCC, ASTM D1925 test standards. The colour codes are processed as per software programs. It can observe colour at distinct angles for same or different material. The range of the visible spectrum is from 400 to 700 nm. Equipped with a huge integrating sphere with the homogenization of rays. The optical geometry it uses is 45/0 geometry. Get Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Bangalore with advanced features and full technical support.

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