Spectrophotometer TP 800 - Color Matching in Haridwar

Spectrophotometer TP 800 - Color Matching in Haridwar

TP 800 colour testing device is used for detecting and comparing the colour of products. The device is highly portable and easy to use and comprises an advanced level of features. Now get Spectrophotometer - Color Matching in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for having vital quality processing in product colour.


Colour testing introduces huge challenges with time. Manufacturers now need accurate colour consistency throughout their products and wish to innovate new colour as well. Dissimilarity in colour of a batch production can not only lead to batch rejection but also can lead to a loss in brand reputation. To avoid such a situation the production quality must be checked for its colour quality by using T 800 spectrophotometer. The device is light in weight and compact in design. It is equipped with a huge touchscreen display which allows setting test profiles and also for managing the test programs. The test results are managed by a software-based program so that the accuracy shall be ensured. Uses two standard observing angles for sharp colour detection. Has a visible spectrum of 400~700 nm. Allow Homogenization of light rays with huge Integrating sphere. Now have Spectrophotometer - Color Matching in Haridwar along with other prime locations of India.

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