Spectrophotometer - Color Matching in Pantnagar

Spectrophotometer - Color Matching in Pantnagar

TP800 Spectrophotometer is unique testing equipment which can measure the colour quality of various kind of material such as plastic, glass, solid, semi-solid, food, pharma etc. The machine provides software-based output. Access Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Pantnagar, Uttarakhand for experiencing advanced colour measuring method.


Colour quality has always been important in quantifying the quality of various kind of products. The quality of many things is measured through its coating or its natural colour. For instance, in food products, colour quality tells a lot about its maturity and cooked level or its destruction level. And for products like plastic or paints the quality is inspected on the basis of its consistency with the master colour code. The machine is an advanced instrument which is used to measure the colour precisely and records the values on the screen. Equipped with HMI based touchscreen display which is both utilized for the test operation, setting test profile and test result monitoring. Automated calibration facility is available for black and white calibration. Ergonomic design allows easy testing and handling. Allow test within a visible spectrum of 400~700 nm and is designed as per various international standards. Get Spectrophotometer Color Matching in Pantnagar for smart quality control in colour quality control.

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