Spectrophotometer TP-800 - Color Matching in Pune

Spectrophotometer TP-800 - Color Matching in Pune

Portable Spectrophotometer is a high technological device which is used to conduct the colour measurement. It is designed by Presto Group and is utilized for performing highly difficult colour testing and matching the specimen colour with its standard batch. Now you can purchase Spectrophotometer -Color Matching in Pune, Maharashtra. Just get connected with our expert team and get your instrument supplied at your location.


The Spectrophotometer is also known as TP 800 device which is used by top market leaders in distinct industries. It is suitable for inspecting plastic, paper, liquid, powder substances, or semi-liquid products. It can test the yellowness index, whiteness, colourfastness and conduct a colour matching process. The device is also very helpful in developing the latest hues and shades. It is fitted with a large LCD screen which is utilized for programming test profiles and observing test data. It can also develop comparison graphs between two specimens. Also, it can display multiple test results at one time on a single screen. The tool is constructed as per CIE, CNS, ASTM E313, AATCC, ASTM D1925 test standards. The colour standards are programmed depending upon software programs. It can catch colour at different angles for the same or distinct specimen. The visible spectrum range is from 400 to 700 nm. Fitted with a large-sized integrating sphere with homogenized rays. The optical geometry it utilizes is 45/0. Get Spectrophotometer - Color Matching in Pune with the latest technical features and complete technical support. 

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